1. Back to School!
    Back to School!
    Shark Attack! A fun drink for kids
  2. Every Thursday
    Every Thursday
    HALF PRICED BOTTLES of WINE! Only $16 a bottle!!!
  3. Shark-a-Rita!
    A blood-red tequila filled shark in our Frozen Margarita (keep the shark!)
  4. Music Mondays
    Music Mondays
    Monday, October 15th The Crusty Gentlemen 8 pm
  5. Don Julio Taco Shot Special!
    Don Julio Taco Shot Special!
    4 shots for $25!
  6. Old Seaport Mixer
    Old Seaport Mixer
    Join the Mercantillers on Monday, October 28th for drinks with the neighbors, and get involved with the OSA neighborhood association.